Supporting the Philadelphia Energy Campaign


PGCC Capital Deployment Goal
– Through 2026 –


Energy Campaign Investment Goal
– Through 2026 –


Energy Campaign Job Creation Goal
– Through 2026 –

PGCC will support the programs of the Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) and generate $250 million of investment as part of the Philadelphia Energy Campaign.

In 2016, through the leadership of City Council President Darrell Clarke, PEA launched the Philadelphia Energy Campaign to invest $1 billion in clean energy and energy efficiency projects, create 10,000 jobs, strengthen communities, cut energy bills, and reduce the City’s carbon footprint.

Through 2021, PEA supported $291M of investments and created 2,501 jobs.

The Philadelphia Energy Campaign generates impact beyond the energy projects themselves:


Statewide, the number of clean energy jobs already outpaces the number of fossil fuel jobs. Spurring the green economy helps ensure green jobs are more accessible to people in our region.

Public Health

In public buildings, schools, homes, and businesses, clean and efficient energy is a vehicle for improving the health of our communities.


Reducing people’s utility bills means they can have homes that are safe, warm, healthy, and affordable for the long term.

Promoting Economic

Projects that drive carbon reduction attract economic activity to the city.