Solarize Support


PGCC supports the Philadelphia Energy Authority’s work to make clean energy more accessible and affordable in Philadelphia. In support of PEA’s Solarize program, PGCC works to reduce the cost of solar for residences & businesses interested going solar.

Program Details 

Solarize Philly enables all Philadelphians to go solar. The Philadelphia Energy Authority launched Solarize Philly to make the process of installing solar as easy and affordable as possible. The program also supports solar training at the School District of Philadelphia and improves access to clean energy for all neighborhoods.

Commercial building owners can get free solar assessments from PEA’s pre-approved installers. Financing options include C-PACE, owner-financing, and power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Homeowners can also get free solar assessments from PEA’s pre-approved installers, with the option to buy or lease their solar projects.

Low- and moderate income homeowners may be eligible for discounts that make solar more affordable. Learn more here.

Are You Ready to Go Solar?

PEA carefully selected high-quality installers and equipment, and negotiated discounted prices and important consumer protections to help Philly grow its solar market. Sign up for a free solar assessment for your residential or commercial property through Solarize today.