Navigator Pre-Development Loan


The Navigator Pre-Development Loan provides an unsecured line of credit to finance pre-development energy projects in non-profit and multifamily properties. Navigator funding allows owners to connect with technical service providers for project analysis, design, and implementation.

What’s Eligible?

  • Affordable and market-rate housing 
  • Non-profit properties
  • Retrofits and new construction  
  • Costs to design a clean energy project, including: 
    • Energy benchmarking, opportunity assessments, audits
    • Green charrettes and green physical needs assessments
    • Assessments of energy-related health and safety issues
    • Design, engineering and bidding work
    • Costs to secure project financing for energy upgrades
    • Other reasonable expenses needed to get an energy project designed and funded
  • The Navigator Pre-Development loan can fund up to 75% of the eligible pre-development costs. Financials will be evaluated to determine owner’s ability to fund the required 25% loan co-pay.

Loan Terms & Rates

Term24 Months
Rates1.99% for affordable properties and 3.99% for market-rate properties

Maximum loan size: $250,000

Next Steps

Interested property owners must submit a loan application, which consists of a proposed project description, summary of qualifications of proposed pre-development vendors, and property financials (including insurance).

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